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Soccer Dash is an arcade game for mobile Android and iOS platforms with a fresh gameplay.

You play Tony, a young man passionate about football, who lives football, sleeps football, eats football, who... football :-) A charming boy, he firmly believes in his chances of success. He even believes it a bit too much sometimes!
Tony has decided to travel the world to prove to everyone he is the best with the ball. So he will go through all the cities with the greatest players in order to make them pathetic.

In Soccer Dash, you'll be able to follow Tony's journey on a map which represents all the levels of the game. There are three kinds of levels :

  • Normal levels : you run in the city, you avoid obstacles, you catch some bonuses, you take some hidden bonus stages, etc.
  • Stadium levels : these are normal levels which end by a stadium stage. Tony will have to confront great players here in a very dynamic QTE gameplay (Quick Time Events)
  • Boss levels : in these levels, Tony will have to fight a big boss
The acquisition of bonuses or goodies in the game store is based on collecting cards of players (like Panini cards), which are combined to make up the desired bonus.


Soccer Dash came out in 2014, as a result of the desire to make a game in the football world, but that would definitely not be a classic football game for hardcore players of sports games. Our desire was to offer a game that gives as much pleasure to football fans, action game lovers, and casual game fans. We have actually repeatedly heard the testers or journalists tell us "This is Mario with a ball!".

From the game’s conception, we wanted to incorporate some elements that we felt were needed with respect to the idea of what we were doing with Soccer Dash:

  • Levels and a map to visualize the player’s evolution
  • Several gameplays: platformer / shooter / runner in the city, and QTE in stadiums
  • Several worlds as the player gradually advances in the levels: you regularly change country
  • Several worlds accessible during the same game: the town, the sky, sewers, hidden levels, etc.
  • Gigantic bosses to face, as in the beat 'em all of the 90's
  • A hero, Tony, with a real personality and a true story as regards the game
Creating Soccer Dash was influenced by works like:
  • Cartoons: Captain Tsubasa, Dragon Ball, Inazuma Eleven
  • Video games: Super Mario, Metal Slug, the platformers & beat'em all of the 90's


  • Mobile Free2Play game
  • Arcade game in the universe of soccer
  • Platformer - shooter - runner
  • Original monetization with an album of great player cards


Soccer Dash - Trailer of alpha version YouTube




About Agooloo Studios

Agooloo was created in 2015 by Julien JEAN-ALEXIS and Euthmane MERADI. As 2D mobile games specialists, our main concern is quality.

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Soccer Dash Credits

Game Designer, Project Manager, Coder

Euthmane MERADI
Game Designer, Art Director

Yann Florian
Level Designer

Level Designer

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